Another audiobook is now available here. We are talking about Tribulation audiobook and you can download it as MP3 format right now. It takes around 7h and the author is Adam Jahnke.

Let’s tell you more about the story of Tribulation. There is a end-of-days religious cult that manipulates space and travels across planes on electricity and radio signals, too. The members of the cult accept by choice seven harsh years of torture called tribulation. They need to endure all this to atone for their earthly sins and then come out on the other side saved. Stacy Carlson is the one who must uncover the mystery of the Tribulation cult after an unfortunately event. Her husband Greg is kidnapped by Brother Elijah through a weird AM radio broadcast. Stacy wants his husband back and she is ready to do anything for that. You will find out more about their story while listening this audiobook.

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