This Is Not Propaganda

Our team is happy to announce that This Is Not Propaganda audiobook is here. You can download it easy and fast as MP3 and enjoy around 8h. In it you are going to encounter many useful information about modern politics and much more.
Nowadays our world is influence by ads, hacks, bots, soft facts, trolls and others. All of them are trying to shape our reality. The author, Peter Pomerantsev wants to take us to the front lines of the disinformation age. Forty years after his family was pursued by the KGB, Pomerantsev learns the Kremlin re-emerging as a great propaganda power. So then, his research takes him back to Russia as he tries to find out more. But the answers he finds are not exactly what he was expecting. We hope you are going to enjoy listening to this audiobook and understand the author point of view.

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