The Trophy Wife

Today we would like to present you a new audiobook called The Trophy Wife. It is a story written by Sunday Tomassetti and narrated by Holly Fielding. This audiobook takes around 8h and has good ratings.

Let’s tell you more about the story of The Trophy Wife. Wallflower Cate Cabot worked for the last nine years in a luxurious Floridian boutique. She always feel safer to keep the world at arms’ length. Her days are about old-moneyed locals and nouveau-riche tourists and that’s interesting. When Odessa DuVernay gets in the picture, things are changing. She seems to be a perfect Palm Shores trophy wife but she proves herself to be more than that. She becomes more interested in Cate and invites her for lunch and girl talk sometimes. One day, Odessa leaves Cate a nervous voicemail and asks her to meet and then simply ghosts her. More than that, when Cate tries to find her it is like Mrs. DuVernay never existed.

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