The Lies We Told

Another audiobook is finally available! We are talking about The Lies We Told and now can be downloaded as MP3 format. It takes 11h and while Camilla Way is the author, Sally Scott together with Patience Tomlinson are the narrators.

The Lies We Told is a fascinating story that explores how our closest ones have the most to hide. Beth always has the feeling that something is wrong with her daughter, Hannah. Seeing Hannah having lack of emotion, an disturbing behavior and being delight in hurting others is scary for Beth. On the other hand, Luke is the one enjoying a perfect family. Things change when one day he disappears and nobody knows what happened. His girlfriend Clara is desperate to find out what is going on. While she digs into the past, she learns that no family is truly perfect. Also she finds a link between Luke’s long-lost sister and a girl Hannah. Because of the lies and secrets once kept, Luke is in danger. Is Clara going to find him before it is too late?

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