The Last Train to London

Our team has good news today! One of the most appreciated books called The Last Train to London can be now download as MP3 format. It is very easy and fast to download it and enjoy the audiobook that takes 12H. The story is written by Meg Waite Clayton while John Lee is the narrator.

The story of The Last Train to London takes us back in 1936 when Nazis’ take control. That is the moment when the carefree innocence of children is shattered for an unknown period of time. Truys Wijsmuller is a member of the Dutch resistance willing to risk her life for Jewish children. She wants to smuggle them out of Navi Germany to the nations that will take them and offer them a safer place to live. This mission is even more dangerous after across Europe, many countries close their borders because of growing number of refugees. They are are desperate to escape and start a new better life. While listening this audiobook, you will have a much clear image of how life used to be back in 1936.

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