The Guilty Mother

Today we would like to present you another audiobook now available for you. It is called The Guilty Mother audiobook and can be downloaded as MP3 format very easy and fast. The story is written by best seller Diane Jeffrey while the narrators are Charlie Sanderson, Philip Stevens.

Back in 2013, Melissa Slade was having everything she ever wanted. From beauty, money to having a successful husband and two health, beautiful twin babies. But in just a moment, her amazing life became a nightmare. This is because she found herself on trial for the murder of her little baby girls. Jonathan Hunt managed to cover the original Slade Babies case. But now there are new evidence so his boss wants him to uncover the truth. Melissa’s appeal date is looming so Jon needs to act right and fast, too. But there are moments when Jon starts to question Melissa’s guilt. So now is Melissa trying to manipulate Jon? What about what really happened to her baby girls? Is she the one who murdered them?

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