Poison Orchids

Another amazing audiobook is here for you! We are talking about Poison Orchids audiobook that takes around 13h and you can now download as MP3 audio format. The story is written by the best-selling authors Sarah A. Denzil and Anni Taylor.

The story centers around backpackers Gemma and her friend Hayley who arrive at a remote fruit farm. The two are out of money and are desperate to find a place to work. As days pass, they discover more about Australia’s Northern Territory and enjoy it. But things are about to shift when one night the girls find themselves on a dark highway, bruised and even bloodied. When they are asked what happened with them, Hayley and Gemma tell two different stories. So which story is the truth and what are the girls trying to hide? You will find out everything while listening to Poison Orchids audiobook.

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