Orlando People

Today we have a new audiobook for you! It is called Orlando People and you can download it as MP3 now. The author of the story is Alexander C. Kane while the narrator is Kristen Sieh. This audiobook takes almost 7h and you will enjoy every minute.

Gretch Wolgast is a 21-year-old girl who had the courage to drop college and get a job at the mall. Let’s mention that she is able to lift a tennis ball with some telekinetic powers. She is an OP meaning one of thousands born in Orlando, Florida in 1980s who owns the ability to move things with her mind. But Gretch is not so lucky because she is the weakest of the bunch. What is she going to do when she witnesses a murder and also finds a dangerous conspiracy that can destroy her hometown and all the OP? You will find the answer while listening to the audiobook.

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