One Year to an Organized Life

One Year to an Organized Life is now available in audiobook format MP3. This means anyone can download and listen to it. You can now enjoy the audiobook that takes almost 13h.

Nowadays we all have a chaotic life and because of that, we are more stressed and we forget to enjoy our living. There are many studies showing that an organized life improves is a positive influence for our mental health from many points of view. For instance it allows us to have time for the things that make us happy. With One Year to an Organized Life audiobook you have access to a unique week-by-week approach and you can begin at any time of year. The author of the book, Regina Leeds helps you break down several tasks and also create your routine. This way your life will become simpler and less stressful. From learning how to manage your time, to health ways of dealing with your finances or travelling plans and many others, are all discuss in this audiobook.

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