News of the World

Today our team is happy to announce that News of the World audiobook is here. So anyone can download it as MP3 format and enjoy it. The story is pretty interesting and you will like it for sure.

After the Civil War ended, an aging itinerant news reader accepts to transport a young captive of the Kiowa back to her people. Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is the one traveling through northern Texas while giving live readings from newspaper to paying audiences interested in news of the world. When he arrives in Wichita Falls, he receives a $50 gold piece in order to deliver a young orphan to her relatives back in San Antonio. Her parents and sister got killed four years earlier by a band of dangerous raiders. They are going to venture 400 miles through unsettled territory and dangers are everywhere. On their journey, they begin to trust each other and this makes them feel safer. When they arrive in San Antonio, the reunion between Joanna and her relatives is not so welcome. Being so young, it is hard for her to remember her aunt and her uncle. They even consider her an unwanted burden. Now Captain Kidd needs to make an important decision. Will he leave the girl to the relatives who don’t want her? Find out more while listening the audiobook.

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