My Name Is Eva

My Name is Eva is finally available now in audiobook format MP3. So anyone is able to download and listen the impressive story about Eva. This audiobook takes 9h and you will enjoy every minute of it!

The story of My Name is Eva is written by Suzanne Goldring and it centers around Evelyn Taylor-Clarke. She is a fancy old woman owning some secrets and able to remember everything. Evelyn cannot forget the promise she made to her love of her life: to discover the truth about the mission that lead to his death. One day, Evelyn’s niece called Pat finds in an old biscuit tin a photo of a young girl having a red ball entitled ”Liese, 1951” along with a passport in another name. All this made Pat curious and wanting to know more from her aunt. This audiobook called My Name is Eva is all about unpredictable moments, twists and turns.

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