Jezebel’s Blues

Jezebel’s Blues audiobook is now available here and can be downloaded as MP3. The story is written by Ruth Wind together with Barbara Samuel and they did an amazing job!

The rage of Jezebel River overflows her banks and wants to swallow the small town of Gideon in East Texas. Celia Moon is all by herself in the farmhouse she inherited from her grandmother. Unexpectedly, she finds a drifter washing up on her porch. Celia doesn’t have any choice but to take him in. Jezebel River keeps rising so the pair decide to retreat to the attic so they can ride out the storm. That’s the moment when they realize there is a sparkle between them. While waiting out the storm, Eric wonders how his life would be in Gideon in the arms of a positive woman like Celia. Maybe having her in his life will make him accept himself as he is. Find out more about them and their story while enjoy Jezebel’s Blues audiobook.

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