Infinity Son

Infinity Son audiobook is now available here and can be downloaded fast and easy as MP3 format. The story is written by Adam Silvera and narrated by Robbie Daymond together with Kirby Heyborne, Maria Liatis and Elliot Knight. We have to mention the audiobook takes around 8h and we are sure that you will like it.

We have the pleasure to present you an amazing audiobook today. Adam Silvera is one of the most appreciated author and her books are great. Infinity Son is an adventure about two brothers who are caught up in some sort of magic war. They spend their life in New York, always venerating a group determined to rid the world of spectres. That group called Spell Walkers and also other celestials are all born with different powers. Birghton is the one who really wants to have a power in order to join the fray while Emil wishes the fighting to stop. At some point, Emil manifests a power and because of that, he is now in the middle of the conflict.

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