We have good news for you all! One of the most anticipated audiobooks of the year is finally here! It is called Idiot audiobook and you can download it now as MP3 format. The author is Laura Clery, a well known Youtube star who is very appreciated for her sense of humor in all kind of situations. She is a powerful woman and her life story is impressive.

Let’s tell you more about Idiot audiobook. As we already said, Laura Clery is the author and she is also the narrator. People really like her because of her courage to share inappropriate comedy sketches with millions of persons on the Internet. But Laura’s life had ups and downs and she managed to win the fight with addictions. Her first book, called Idiot is about her struggle with impulsive behavior, dark thoughts, addiction to cocaine and a chaotic life. From that, to a happy woman, more rational and enjoying a great marriage, a respectful career and taking care of four rescue animals. After all she been through, she is still an amazing talented and vulnerable woman, describing herself as… Idiot. We invite you to download her audiobook and listen to it because it is fantastic!

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