Faulty Prophet

We have another audiobook available! It is called Faulty Prophet can anyone can download it as MP3 format. The story is written by Karl Beecher and the audiobook takes around 12h.

Evangelist Brock T. Hanson thinks that Colin Douglass is the prophet he waited for a long time. Also he believes that this man is able to lead the faithful back to Earth but there are some problems. First of all, Colin Douglass is not believing this and also he would rather enjoy a nice cup of tea instead of crossing the galaxy. Another thing is that Earth lies on the territory of the Transhackers. That is a race of some cold-blooded cyborgs who don’t forget the ones that betray them. The third problem is that Colin might not survive a trip to Earth because of a life-threatening illness. Hanson decides to kidnap Colin in order to take him to Earth but Tyresa Jak sets off to rescue him before it is too late. We let you find more about the story Faulty Prophet while listening to the audiobook.

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