Crown of Blood: Blood Descendants Universe

Today we have another audiobook available for you! It is called Crown of Blood: Blood Descendants Universe that lasts almost 8h and can be downloaded as MP3 right now.

Life is about living with the unknown of what it was or what it will be. The story of Crown of Blood: Blood Descendants Universe written by Keary Taylor includes the idea mentioned earlier. One of the characters, Logan is madly in love with Cyrus. But in order to be together, she needs to deal with some past life decisions. Their love cannot be denied but in the same time it is extremely complicated. This can be felt like a roller coaster and it is not easy to handle it. She has so many questions running into her head because she wants to know who tried to kill him and why. Facing the woman who brought her into the immortal world must happen in order to pierce herself together. This audiobook is all about life seen from several perspectives. Enjoy it!

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