Cold Falling White

Our team has good news today! Another amazing audiobook is here for you. We are talking about Cold Falling White audiobook and everyone can download it as MP3 format. The story is written by G. S. Prendergast and the audiobook takes around 15h.

Cold Falling White is about two teens struggling to stay alive after an alien invasion. Safety is left in the past as now the end of the world is happening. Xander Liu is the one who managed to survive the alien invasion. He is been through a lot and almost got killed by deadly darts. When his friend got murdered, he is left in the protective company of a rebellious Nahx soldier called August. Now he is able to make his way back where human controlled territory and safety are. But things are not what they seem.

Raven awakes on a snowy sand dunes without knowing what happened to her. She is surrounded by reanimated humans and Nahx ships hover around her. Also Raven is asking herself where is August and will he keep her safe? The unforgiving Canadian winter is following Xander and Raven, who find themselves on opposite sides of an powerful alien war. Find out more about their story while listening to the audiobook.

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