House of Leaves

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

House of Leaves audiobook is here! Now anyone can download it as MP3 format very easy and fast. This story is written by Mark Z. Danielewski.

Let’s tell you more about House of Leaves! The story is focusing on a young family that decides to move into a small home on Ash Tree Lane. They are shocked to discover their house is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Will Navidson and his companion Karen Green were not ready to face the consequences of this strange situation. Until one day when their kids wandered off and they began to tell them about darkness creatures and the unknown behind a closet door. What is going on in that place and is this family in danger? Find out more while listening the audiobook.

Order of Vespers

Order of Vespers by Matilda Reyes

Our team would like to present you another audiobook available here. It is called Order of Vespers and it takes around 8h. The narrator of this audiobook is Monica Jaye.

Order of Vespers tells the story of Jasper Andrews. She find herself sunk into a superhuman world when an explosion exposes her to some groups interested in secret abilities. Things are getting complicated when her family is killed and she is the only suspect. She manages to run from police custody and heads towards New York City to get lost in the crowds. What is going to happen next? Well, expect the unexpected!

Cross Her Heart

Cross Her Heart by Melinda Leigh

Another audiobook is finally available here! It is called Cross Her Heart and you can download it as MP3 format. This audiobook has good rating and it takes around 10h.

Cross Her Heart tells the story of Philadelphia homicide detective Bree Taggert. She has been hiding for more than 25 years, the nightmare she lived in her childhood of her parents’ murder-suicide. Until one day when her little sister Erin is killed in a crime reminds about the past tragedy. But things are even more complicated because Erin’s husband called Justin simply vanished. Bree wants to find out the truth because she feels like the danger get closer. She decides to team up with K-9 handler Matt Flynn in order to uncover all the secrets behind her sister’s death.

In Her Skin

In Her Skin by Kim Savage

Good news! In Her Skin audiobook is finally available here for you. So now it can be downloaded fast and easy as MP3 format. While the author is Kim Savage, the narrator is Sandy Rustin. This audiobook takes around 7h and has good rating.

In Her Skin tell the story of Jo Chastain, a young girl who is about to take on her biggest flaw yet to impersonate a missing girl. The Lovecrafts is a pretty wealthy family with ties to the mystery disappearing of Vivienne Weir. She is missing since she was nine. When Jo pretends to be Vivienne, she receives all she ever wanted from the Lovecraft. From love, to money and the opportunity to be closer to their daughter called Temple. Things begin to shiver when hidden crimes reveal themselves. So now Jo needs to choose between staying or escaping the danger around her.

The Lies We Told

The Lies We Told by Camilla Way

Another audiobook is finally available! We are talking about The Lies We Told and now can be downloaded as MP3 format. It takes 11h and while Camilla Way is the author, Sally Scott together with Patience Tomlinson are the narrators.

The Lies We Told is a fascinating story that explores how our closest ones have the most to hide. Beth always has the feeling that something is wrong with her daughter, Hannah. Seeing Hannah having lack of emotion, an disturbing behavior and being delight in hurting others is scary for Beth. On the other hand, Luke is the one enjoying a perfect family. Things change when one day he disappears and nobody knows what happened. His girlfriend Clara is desperate to find out what is going on. While she digs into the past, she learns that no family is truly perfect. Also she finds a link between Luke’s long-lost sister and a girl Hannah. Because of the lies and secrets once kept, Luke is in danger. Is Clara going to find him before it is too late?

Deep State

Deep State by Chris Hauty

Today another audiobook is available here! We are talking Deep State and you can download it as MP3 format right now. The story is written by Chris Hauty while the narrator is Marin Ireland.

The story of Deep State begins with President Richard Monroe being the center of an gradually more polarized Washington, DC. Things are transforming into chaos when the White House chief of staff is found dead. West Wing intern along with ex-Army grunt Hayley Chill are sure that his dead is not from natural causes. Determined to find the truth, Hayley manages to discover shocking evidence. More than that, Hayley must reveal the truth and save the life of the next victim, the president. We let you find out more about this story while listening to the audiobook.

The Guilty Mother

The Guilty Mother

Today we would like to present you another audiobook now available for you. It is called The Guilty Mother audiobook and can be downloaded as MP3 format very easy and fast. The story is written by best seller Diane Jeffrey while the narrators are Charlie Sanderson, Philip Stevens.

Back in 2013, Melissa Slade was having everything she ever wanted. From beauty, money to having a successful husband and two health, beautiful twin babies. But in just a moment, her amazing life became a nightmare. This is because she found herself on trial for the murder of her little baby girls. Jonathan Hunt managed to cover the original Slade Babies case. But now there are new evidence so his boss wants him to uncover the truth. Melissa’s appeal date is looming so Jon needs to act right and fast, too. But there are moments when Jon starts to question Melissa’s guilt. So now is Melissa trying to manipulate Jon? What about what really happened to her baby girls? Is she the one who murdered them?

Poison Orchids

Poison Orchids

Another amazing audiobook is here for you! We are talking about Poison Orchids audiobook that takes around 13h and you can now download as MP3 audio format. The story is written by the best-selling authors Sarah A. Denzil and Anni Taylor.

The story centers around backpackers Gemma and her friend Hayley who arrive at a remote fruit farm. The two are out of money and are desperate to find a place to work. As days pass, they discover more about Australia’s Northern Territory and enjoy it. But things are about to shift when one night the girls find themselves on a dark highway, bruised and even bloodied. When they are asked what happened with them, Hayley and Gemma tell two different stories. So which story is the truth and what are the girls trying to hide? You will find out everything while listening to Poison Orchids audiobook.

Hope Rides Again

Hope Rides Again

Our team is so happy to announce that Hope Rides Again audiobook is now available here. So anyone is able to download it right away as MP3 format. Andrew Shaffer is the one who written the amazing book.

In the sequel to one of the most appreciated novel Hope Never Dies, Obama along with Biden are once again BFFs-turned-detectives. They are chasing Obama’s stolen phone along the streets of Chicago. After a long and successful book tour, Joe Biden is one stop away from his returning home in Chicago. His friend, Obama invited him to meet an important benefactor able to turn the tide for Joe in case he wants to run for president. Now that we know the results of the election, listening to this audiobook is really worth it.

The Liar’s Sister

The Liar's Sister

Today we want to present you another audiobook now available to download as MP3. It is called The Liar’s Sister and the story is written by Sarah A. Denzil. This audiobook takes almost 9h and it is all about unexpected moments.

Next we are going to tell you a few things about the story of The Liar’s Sister. It all started 10 years ago when a boy called Samuel Murray went missing from Buckthrope. Since that day, he was never seen again. Rosie Sharpe cried a lot over her missing friend, Samuel. But things are not what they seem. Rosie’s sister called Heather feels and knowns that she is hiding the truth. This is because the night when Samuel was last seen, she saw Rosie climbing back through the window of their childhood bedroom. She was scared and something didn’t feel right. You will find out more about all this while listening to the audiobook.