Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Our team is thrilled to announce that Firefly Lane audiobook is finally here. So anyone can download it now as MP3 format and enjoy listening to it.

The story begins in the summer of 1974 when Kate Mularkey finally accepts her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Soon one of the coolest girls moves across the street and would like to be her friend. They seem opposite on the surface but they decide to make a pact to be best friends forever as they become inseparable. They’ve been for each other for 30 years, in hard moments, when anger and hurt were hard to bear. But until one day when a single act of betrayal tears them apart. Is it worth it? after being like sisters for such a long time.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Today we would like to present you an interesting audiobook called The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Now anyone can download it as MP3 format and listen to it right away.

Mara Dyer thinks life cannot be any stronger than having to wake up in a hospital without remembering how she got there. Well, life is kinda unpredictable so things can change when you least expect. And what happens when the unexpected hits you hard?

Foolish Hearts

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Another audiobook called Foolish Hearts is now available here for you. It can be download as MP3 format easy and fast.

Let’s tell you more the story of Foolish Hearts. By accident, Claudia eavesdrops on the breakup of Paige and Iris. Then she finds herself in tense circumstances with Iris. Both of them are thrown together in the class production of A Midsummer Night along with cute boys. The girls are now in for an eye-opening senior year and who knows what is going to happen next. They are young, curious and interested to navigate and experience a new stage in their lives. Join them while listening to Foolish Hearts audiobook.

Storm Born

Storm Born by Richelle Mead

Storm Born audiobook is finally here! Now anyone can download it as MP3 format and enjoy it. This audiobook takes around 11h and it is captivating.

The main character is Eugenie Markham, a powerful shaman able to do a brisk trade chasing away spirits and fey who cross into the mortal world. Her recent case is about the change a lot for Eugenie. While she is hired to find a teenager taken to the Otherworld, she uncovers some dark secrets about the past. She is the target for every demon and those who are not interested in knocking her up, want her dead. Being in danger, she has to find a way to make sure no-one will harm her. She finds Dorian and Kiyo and they are formidable allies but her enemies are growing even bolder.

Travesuras de la niña mala

Travesuras de la niña mala by Mario Vargas Llosa

Travesuras de la niña mala audiobook is now available here for you. So anyone can download it as MP3 format super easy and fast. This audiobook takes around 13h and the story is captivating.

Ricardo is finally living his dream to live in Paris. But meeting an old lover is going to change everything. Their connection is going to make you feel their emotions and you will want to know more about their story. What is real love and how you know you found it? Does it even exist or we are dreaming about it? What if you let go of expectations and go with the flow?


Wounded by Laurell K. Hamilton

New audiobook available here! Wounded audiobook is now here and you can download it as MP3 format right away. You are going to enjoy the story of Wounded.

The main character Anita attends her dear friend wedding but soon learns that even on those happy days, there are wounds begging for healing. She along with the wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel have to talk to the bride’s brother Tomas. He is facing a hard period because of a recent gunshot wound. Having depression and being demoralized, Tomas is avoiding to do his physical therapy. This could cost him spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. So how Anita, Micah and Nathaniel will convince him that he can heal and giving up is not an option? They decide to tell him their own scars and how they back control of their lives after they were wounded.

Silent Lucidity

Silent Lucidity by Tiffany Roberts

Silent Lucidity audiobook is now available here! So anyone can download it as MP3 format right away and enjoy it. The story is fascinating and the audiobook takes around 9h.

The main character Abella had four harsh years of slavery and she failed escaping many times. Now for her, the chance of making it home, back to her family seems bleak. All this until one day when she shares a fiery, forbidden dance with a silent stranger. She cannot forget his silvery eyes that give her hope. This stranger may be the key to her freedom she craves. As she gets increasingly drawn to him, she learns the unwanted truth. Tenthil doesn’t have the intention of taking her home.

There Better Be Pie

There Better Be Pie by Jessica Gadziala

Our team is happy to announce There Better Be Pie audiobook is now available here. So anyone can download it as MP3 format and enjoy it.

The story of There Better Be Pie is so much fun! What is going to happen if your parents invite an insufferable man to share the family Thanksgiving? And what if you get the chance to see him in a whole new light? Find out more while listening this audiobook. It takes around 9h and it has good ratings.

From Blood and Ash

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Our team would like to present you another audiobook now available for you. It is called From Blood and Ash and it takes around 14h. This audiobook has good ratings and you will like it for sure.

Poppy was chosen from birth to usher in a new mysterious era. Her life means solitary and it is hard to bear. While she is waiting for her Ascension she is wishing to fight back the evil that took her family. When a guard bound to ensure her Ascension appears in her life, he begins playing with her anger. More than that, he makes her question every belief she has and tempts her with the forbidden. The story of From Blood and Ash is simply fascinating and you will enjoy every minute of it!

You Can Have Manhattan

You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico

We are happy to announce that You Can Have Manhattan audiobook is now available here. So you can download it as MP3 format and enjoy it.

Sydney Evans knows what hard work and that is the only constant in her life. Being without her family or friends, she keeps focusing on her career. When her boss offers her an amazing opportunity she must decide if she will marry his son in return. Scott Blackstone is his name and he used to party a lot. Then he decided to begin a new life in Wyoming where he turned a failing cattle ranch into a profitable business. But one day he get a phone call from his father threatening his new simply life he has now. He must marry a woman who can’t even stand him or lose everything.