Bushido Online: War Games

by Nikita Thorn

Bushido Online: War Games Download Audiobook
4.8/5 Votes: 322
by Nikita Thorn
18 hrs & 27 min

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Nikita Thorn always write good books but Bushido Online series is simply amazing. Bushido Online: War Games has a big length of 18 hours and 27 minutes and is narrated by Christian Rummel, This is one of the best narrators if you ask us, have a lovely voice and i appreciated by a lot of people. The author tell us a story of drama and invasion of the White Crane Hall with great characters and some fun. The dialogue and action are very good balanced and story is just better and better after every listened minute.

Bushido Online: War Games by Nikita Thorn is available to download as MP3 format that works on most devices. Anyone can get it fast and easy.

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