Blood Born

Today we would like to announce that Blood Born audibook is finally here. So now anyone can download it as MP3 format and enjoy 16h of a fiery story.

When the human and the vampire worlds crash into each other, hell is born. Luca Ambrus is an uncommon breed meaning vampire from birth, begotten by vampire parents and blood burn. He is also working as an agent of the Council, the old cabal that is governing vampirekind. He is in charge of preventing their secrecy as well as destroying the ones who betray them. At some point, a cryptic summons leads Luca to the scene of a violent killing of a Council member. Then he decides to hunt an assassin among his people and things are getting creepy. He was not expecting to discover a sinister conspiracy of vampires who want to subjugate the mortal world. What is going to happen next? You will find out everything while listening to the audiobook.

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