Alien: Echo

Today we are happy to announce that another audiobook is here! We are talking about Alien: Echo that you can download as MP3 format super easy and fast. The story is written by Mira Grant while Kate Marcin. is the narrator. We have to say that this audiobook takes around 8h and it is amazing!

So now let’s tell you more about the story. Olivia together with her twin sister Viola have been dawned around the universe since forever. Their parents are both xenobiologists. Because of that, they are all the time in high demand for research into fascinating alien biology. Everything changes for the twins and their family when they discover an alien threat. If that wasn’t enough, a shocking family secret bursts open. The story of Alien: Echo is captivating and intense. Are you curious to find out more? Well, if you enjoy audiobooks that keep you on the run while listening to it, this one is perfect for you!

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