A Wish in the Dark

A Wish in the Dark audiobook is now here for you. So anyone can download it fast as MP3. The story is written by Christina Soontornvat and you can enjoy the audiobook that takes 10h.

The story of A Wish in the Dark is impressive! Pong is the one who was born in Namwon Pridon. Since forever he is dreaming of the day when he will be able to be free. But reality hits him when he realizes that outside world is much worse than one behind bars. Besides all this, Pong’s prison tattoo marks him as a fugitive and is not able to feel free. Things change when Nok, the prison warden’s daughter decides to track Pong down. She wants to restore her family’s good name. On her ‘mission’ she uncovers secrets that make doubt the truths she already know. While listening to the audiobook, you will enter an adventure that wants to explore the difference between law and justice.

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